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20 Ways to Save The Environment in 2020

If you do not care for the planet, it will be polluted with toxins, contaminants and other elements that are harmful to your health and other living things. Outdoor air pollution is highly associated with respiratory infections. Therefore, as 2020 draws closer, it is essential that you become eco-conscious.

Remember, you do not have to be an environmental expert to create a safe and healthier planet for all. You only need to start doing certain things in the right way. This piece, helps you to understand the things you can do to create a better planet in 2020.

1. Buy eco-friendly products

One of the things that you need to do to save the planet is by choosing eco-friendly products. In this regard, start shopping for household items that are environmentally friendly. Make an effort to identify goods, clothing, and toys among other items that are made from the most sustainable ways. Today, there are many companies that are going green. Settle for such because they are mindful in the processes they use as well as the products they produce.

Consider items such as paper products that are made from recycled goods. Even when it comes to drinks, many companies are today brewing eco-friendly beer. Keep such companies and do your research extensively to be a mindful consumer and save the planet.

2. Learn to recycle

It is essential that you learn to recycle the things you no longer use or any recyclable items in your home. Today, there are many recycling centers that recycle a wide range of items including plastics, used toys, and papers. Therefore, there is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t recycle.

3. What are you throwing away?

Before you throw anything away, consider if it can be donated to charity organizations, composted or recycled. Much of what is in your house can actually be useful to someone else. Take time to assess every item before you throw it away as this should be your last option.

4. Be a vegetarian

According to research by health experts and scientists, vegetarians have fewer health-related issues. As a matter of fact, vegetarian sportsmen and women perform exceptionally well compared to meat lovers. Meat production process and meat farming as a whole lead to environmental pollution. For this reason, it is essential that you start exploring vegetarian diets and reduce your meat intake significantly for a safer planet.

vegetarian food

5. Volunteer to worthy causes

During your free time, engage in worthy causes. If you are on a tight schedule, you can contribute towards cleanup programs and exercises in your neighborhood. You will find organizations that raise money towards dog walking, cleanup of the neighborhood or even purchasing bins for waste and garbage disposal in places of social gathering. Identify the best way that you can contribute towards preserving a planet for its people and the animals.

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6. Consider meaningful gifts

The holiday season is here, consider buying meaningful gifts for your loved ones. You can make a donation or adopt a pet for them or even a heifer to a poor family. The trick here is to reduce the need for production and to avoid filling up landfills.

7. Less paper

With advancements in technology, you no longer have to use a lot of paper sending letters and messages. Use emails and social media platforms to reach out to your loved ones or clients. Learn to go paperless and recycle as much paper as you can.

8. Do something

Research shows that there is a large number of people who aren’t aware of the effects of environmental pollution. The truth is there is a lot of damage going on as a result of industrialization and bad practices. Different species are becoming extinct, forests are being destroyed and there are other horrifying trends that need to stop. Wake up and start caring for the trees, animals, and forests. Avoid destructive practices as much as possible.

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9. Adopt a pet

You can also save the life of a pet from being euthanized. Many homeless cats and dogs need a home too.

10. Purchase reusable bags

Whenever you visit your grocery store, always use reusable bags. Today, many stores sell them and they are highly affordable. In the US, UK, and Europe, you will be charged if you use a plastic bag.

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reusable bags

11. Avoid water wastage

Water wastage is one of the reasons as to why some people and animals do not get enough water to drink or use. In this light, employ water saving strategies such as running the dishwasher only when you are cleaning, flushing the toilet only when it is necessary.

12. Avoid gasoline wastage

Gasoline wastage leads to environmental pollution. This can pose health risks to humans and animals alike.

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13. Sponsor animals

Today, you can sponsor a pet or an animal with a monetary donation. Therefore, take time to find a local pet organization or simply log on to Petfinder websites to sponsor your favorite or homeless pet. This will help to significantly reduce the amount of money that you would otherwise spend on unhealthy stuff.

14. Pollute Less by exercising

Are you fit? Start exercising to save the planet. Exercises reduce environmental pollution. For example, instead of driving to work, you can walk or even ride a bike. Your actions matter a lot.

15. Tag your friends along

As you start adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle or changing many aspects of your life, involve your friends and family. Let them know how their actions can negatively or positively impact the environment. Do your part and let them see the difference. Encourage them to dispose of waste in the right way and embrace eco-friendly products.

16. Donate what you do not need

Throwing away used furniture or clothing only leads to environmental pollution. Such items do not decompose even after a long period of time based on the type of materials used. In this light, you should consider the less fortunate in society. Donate such items because they might need them.

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17. Family planning

Family planning can also help save the planet. As they say, do not have children if you don’t need them. The earth’s population is increasing by the day. There are also many homeless children out there. Help someone or a kid in a bad situation and help reduce the number of children on the streets.

Remember, street children and the homeless can engage in human activities that impact the environment negatively. Therefore, help them to access the basic needs to survive due to biodiversity. This includes water, food, shelter and the quality of the air they breathe. What’s more, the greater the diversity of life, the better the quality of life and discovery opportunities that could save the planet.

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18. Make better choices

You can also save the planet by make wise and informed choices. This is from the type of food you eat, the clothing you wear, the products you purchase and to your overall lifestyle. The way you live can impact the quality of life of those around you and that of the animals. For example;

  • You should make a decision not to smoke or throw away plastics.
  • If you must smoke, go for e-cigarettes.
  • Instead of throwing away potato peels and other related garbage, make compost. Reduce the amount of solid waste near you as they take up a lot of space in landfills. Remember, compost also makes excellent natural fertilizers that could help enhance the fertility of your garden.
  • Quit the use of plastic straws because they are hard to recycle based on their shape and size. They litter landfills and when they end up in the ocean, lake or pools, they pose serious harm to aquatic life. In this light, invest in reusable metal straws if you must use one whenever you grab your favorite soda.
  • You also need to mind your old gadgets. Compared to many other items, the electronics you throw away can be of great use. E-waste is very dangerous and before you toss that leaking battery or old phone, consider the damage it has on the soil, water, and even landfill. By recycling old gadgets, they can be used to power homes and laptops. Make wise choices before you dispose of an old phone.


19. Local produce and groceries

You also need to shop locally from farms where fresh produce and groceries come from. If possible, avoid organic food because they do not always mean or guarantee a better quality of life. What’s more, by cutting down the need to purchase food from supermarkets, you also significantly reduce environmental pollution.

Remember, when companies reduce food production, they also reduce a great deal on waste production. The end result is a healthier environment.

20. Be informed

Apart from the above things that you can do to save the environment, you need to stay informed. Learn more about environmental pollution and strategies you can employ to create a better planet.
Similarly, learn of modern ways of disposing of garbage, recycling the items you do not need and how to prevent light pollution. Remember, light pollution messes the life of animals, and it also affects your sleep pattern. Enjoy the beauty of natural light by turning off light when you do not need it. Take advantage of DTM Skips to dispose of your garbage in an eco-friendly manner and save the environment/planet.

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Similarly, learn of modern ways of disposing of garbage, recycling the items you do not need and how to prevent light pollution. Remember, light pollution messes the life of animals, and it also affects your sleep pattern. Enjoy the beauty of natural light by turning off light when you do not need it. Take advantage of DTM Skips to dispose of your garbage in an eco-friendly manner and save the environment/planet.

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