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Eco Friendly Living Tips for Home: New Year, New Start

2017 is nearly here so it is time to set yourself some new year’s resolutions. Here at DTM Skips, we recommend that in order to help the environment, why not make your 2017 new year’s resolution to embrace eco friendly living?

Have you ever asked yourself the question “how eco-friendly is your lifestyle?“Now is the time to think and reflect on these important environmental problems and recycling history.

We can all agree that there are ways in which each of us can improve our eco friendly living.

This is why, if you are wondering “how can we be more environmentally friendly?” we have the answers.

What Does Eco Friendly Living Mean?

Living eco friendly is all about considering what products you are using that are not harmful to the environment.

Or to take actions to lessen the amount of damage caused to the environment.

It’s considering things like eco friendly architecture and things like solar power.

Read our five eco living tips to find out ways to both help the environment along with saving you money.

Living Eco Friendly – Eat Less Meat?

For those of you who enjoy a tasty turkey roast dinner, we are not suggesting you turn vegetarian or vegan.

We are simply suggesting people cut down on their average intake of meat. Below are a handful of benefits of not eating meat.

Meat can be expensive. Eating certain vegetables such as broccoli, is cheaper.

However, you will still be consuming protein while saving money.

Rain forests have been destroyed in order to raise more animals for their meat due to the high demand. The meat production process means that more carbon emissions are being emitted into the environment.

As meat and eggs have been in such high demand this is the reason why there are such things as battery hens.

It is also responsible for genetically modified food and why animals are force fed food.

Eco Friendly Lifestyle Tips – Walking More

For any of those journeys where you can avoid taking a car, taxi or public transport, why not stretch those legs of yours?

Going for a walk, especially during the summer, has so many benefits.

When it is pleasantly warm out, soaking in the vitamin D and topping up on your tan is good for you.

The benefits of walking are endless.

Many people go walking for health purposes. Whether you are walking for fitness or simply to get to work, it is a great way to get your body active.

It can help you lose weight too if you walk on a regular basis, putting some effort and speed behind your strides.

Compost – Your Home Made Eco Skip Hire

For any of those leftover scraps of food or gardening waste. Why not build your own compost heap or buy one if you are not DIY talented.

Make your own soil ready for when you grow some plants in the spring and summer period?

This is a great way to save money on buying soil/compost in future.


Grow Your Own Vegetables

Have fun this spring and summer. While you are gardening and planting flowers, why not also grow your own fruit and vegetables?

I can honestly say, that home-grown food always tastes best.

You can also be proud of your hard work for keeping these plants strong and healthy.

Planting your own food doesn’t actually take that long and it is a great way to also save money.

Since plants such as tomatoes, can grow so big they will produce so much food.

Growing Organic Fruit

This also helps the environment, since the food you would usually buy would need to be transported from other countries.

This also means that your own home-grown food will be fresher compared to the food you would normally buy.

Additionally, relaxing in the garden, planting seeds and doing some organic gardening can be a peaceful and relaxing experience, while also being the perfect way to de-stress.

Grow Your Own Veggies & Fruits

Eco Friendly Living Tips

Reduce: Whenever you are cooking, cleaning, travelling, using water or using electricity, try to reduce the amount of waste or unnecessary energy that you use. When you are cooking, if you made too much food, why not freeze the left overs for when you need a quick and easy meal the following week? Any left over ingredients that you have could be merged into a different meal for the following evening.Reuse: Always try to make an effort to reuse items before declaring them useless and throwing them away. Reusing takeaway containers to store and freeze food in, down to using random empty cardboard boxes as draw separators. There will always be an alternative use for something that you would declare as useless.Recycle: Your local council is no doubt already trying to think of ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Depending on where you live, certain areas across England have been given boxes in which they can store cardboard in.

Recycling Bins For Home

This proves that everyone is trying their hardest to recycle and to make a difference in order to improve our environmental issues by embracing eco-friendly living changes.

To make household recycling an easier matter for you store small bin boxes for recycling, compost and for general waste will make things quicker, easier and neater for you.

Having two small separate bins in your bathroom for recycling and rubbish will save you chucking recyclable goods in the general waste bin.

The same goes for leaving a small plastic bag in your bedroom or the lounge ready for any plastic or cardboard goods that you can save and that can be recycled.

If you don’t know if something is okay to be recycled, you can read our post entitled recycling symbols explained.From buying eco friendly products to teaching your children your eco friendly tips for home.

There are an endless amount of ways to help our natural environment. Take our environment friendly information and put them into practice.

Make 2017 your year to embrace eco friendly living and go green.

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