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How To Dispose Of Old Paint

Did you know that old paint is hazardous waste? If abandoned for a while, it is regarded as Hazardous Household Waste (HHW). Even worse, it is inflammable and comprises toxic substances like pigments, resin and sometimes, lead. However, lead has been banned because it is poisonous, but oil-based and solvent-based paints are still hazardous. On the other hand, latex or water-based paints are not regarded as dangerous waste. After either paint’s primary use, you can reapply as many times as you want. A smooth, affordable way to transform your room, however, is through a fresh paint job.

There is so much to know; however, the bone of contention here is how to get rid of old paints. Considering the dangers, it is crucial to know where to dispose of old paint for safety purposes. Also, you must understand what to do with old paint because it has several uses.

Firstly, the safe disposal of left-over paint depends on where you reside. Many communities facilitate this by holding HHW collection days periodically. However, the case is not the same everywhere, and you might have to decide what to do with your old paint. Before anything, you must know the kind of paint it is prior to deciding how to get rid of the old paint. The type will determine how to throw away the paint. For example, oil-based paints have chemicals which may pollute water and soil. Therefore, throwing away this kind of paint into the trash is a grave mistake. When you are getting rid of old paint, you have the options to reuse, recycle, or donate the paint. Find out which alternative suits you the most in this article.

Where Can I Dispose of Old Paint?

One of the options available to you, if you don’t know what to do with your old paint, is to dispose of it. More importantly, you need to know the safe way to dispose of it including where to take the old paint. Like we mentioned earlier, determining where to take old paint depends on the local law. Nevertheless, the type of paint is also a factor in choosing what to do with your old paint. Therefore, let’s discuss the types of paint.

  • Solvent-based & oil-based paints: Most paints are water-based paints for indoor use which are considerably safer. The eyes and the skin may be more irritated by solvent-based or oil-based paints. If the fumes are inhaled, they can cause mild illnesses. If swallowed, they can lead to stomach upset. However, there is a bigger problem with oil-based paint; it can enter the lungs when consumed. Lung mineral oil is present in it which can cause breathing difficulties and pneumonia. Lastly, it is advisable to limit the exposure of pregnant women to fresh paint smoke.
  • Latex Paints: They are not entirely regarded as dangerous. It is commonly used because it dries fast when cleaned with soap and water. Nevertheless, liquid latex can make the skin and mouth slightly irritating. Also, it can cause stomach upheaval or even vomiting when swallowed. But the body cannot be poisoned by swallowed latex paint. Furthermore, dry latex paints are not toxic to consume, but they could be risky.

After knowing the risks involved with not getting rid of old paint, you would want to take immediate actions. Now, you are most likely wondering “where can I dispose of old paint?” What you need is a hire skip that will solve your dilemma in one visit! Below are some other options nonetheless:

What Is The Appropriate Way To Dispose Of Latex Paint?

Remove the deck and discard. Let the rest of the paint dry out before you put the can in the trash. Put the rest of the paint in a carton. Let the paint dry and throw the cabinet into the garbage.

What Is The Appropriate Way To Dispose Of Oil-based Paint?

The ideal place to take your old oil-based paints is to the hazardous waste plant of your town or country. Overall, paint is not poisonous, but it can result in irritations. However, any irritation should disappear when you get fresh air.

Solvent-based paints on the skin or swallowed could be more irritating than latex or oil-based paints. Getting rid of old paint can be a chore. To save yourself the trouble, we advise that you hire a skip from us today.

How To Donate Paint

Your painting could be useful for families or charities that need assistance. A fresh paint coat does not only create a beautiful environment; it helps to protect surfaces from mould, rust, and other possible hazards. Therefore, you should donate paint to establishments such as:

  • Habitat for Humanity ReStores: Instead of getting rid of old paint, you can give it to this organisation. They accept latex paint. It is sold at a low price so that even those with a small budget can afford it.
  • Shelters lack resources most of the time, and if you donate paint to them, it will go a long way.
  • Drama Clubs: For example, amateur theatre groups need all the support you can offer. After putting most of their budget into costume, they would be grateful if you give them a lick of paint.
  • Scout Troops: They often purchase materials from their own pockets for community service projects. Your donated paint would be appreciated.
  • Charity’s Global Paint: This non-profit collects and distributes used paints to hard-working households, schools, hospitals and other organisations.
  • Charities for children: Many non-profit establishments that work with kids use old paint for craft projects.

Others are; art instructors, government construction, summer camps, military bases, Boy Scout, parks, fire departments, prisons, the Salvation Army, and maintenance groups.

Most of them use paints for murals, projects, and other activities. For stage setting, paint can be used by high school or community theatre groups. Whichever organisation you choose to donate your old paint to, contact them first to ensure that they can use it immediately. Make sure they are aware that it is meant for a well-ventilated outdoor project.

Is Throwing Away Paint The Only Option?

No, throwing away paint isn’t the only alternative. You can also reuse it by doing the following after the initial use:

  • Wrap the opening of the paint can
  • Put the lid on and make sure that it will not leak
  • Turn the dumbbell down to seal the paint can
  • Store the can in a place that is safe from freezing and that children or animals are far from
  • Take it for a subsequent project. The latex paint can last for up to a year. It won’t be the exact colour you have to use, but it is useful to paint surfaces that aren’t visible, as a base paint. You can use it all without throwing it away
  • Keep the used paint in a dry, cool storage area and store them upside down
  • Make sure you write the formula in permanent marking on the paint can lid when you want to use the same colour, again

Where To Recycle Paint

Another good option to consider is to recycle old paint. The major problem is that people don’t know where to recycle paint. It is quite simple though.

Firstly, look into recycling programs for community paints. Schools, waste transporters, and municipalities frequently offer such programs.

Secondly, attend community paint recycling programs in your area.

Can You Throw Away Paint?

Throwing away paint is okay if you have tried to recycle it, and it didn’t work out. That is, if you are unable to find a program for recycling the paint, you can attempt these steps:

  • The paint is brushed or rolled onto newspaper or carton layers for larger amounts.
  • Put the paper in the trash bin when the paint dries.
  • You can also add a few things to catalyse the process. For paint in a box, add shredded newspaper or cat litter.
  • When the layer dries, and the cans are recycled, the box can go into the trash.

For Latex Paint:

Note that, latex paint is not seen as toxic waste. It does not have to be brought to a toxic waste site. Therefore, you won’t face difficulty with where to throw away latex paint.

  • Consider buying waste paint hardener if you want to get rid of a lot of latex paint. If everything else fails and your old latex paint must be removed, you should make it solid waste.
  • Take it out to where the children and animals can’t reach it, and take off the lid. Let the paint dry if the can is less than one-fourth of the paint.
  • If the paint is hard, you can put the remaining trash out of the can. You may have to leave the lids to show your trash collector that the collection can be safe.

How To Dispose Of Old Paint Cans

Old paint cans are irrelevant after throwing away paint. Keeping them can result in an untidy environment. Below is how to dispose of old paint cans:

Cut out empty cans of paint. If you have a piece or more of dried paint on the bottom of the box, you have to put the whole can into the trash. You have to dry out the boxes altogether, and then recycle them with other metals.

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