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How to Get Rid of Your Garden Waste | Infographic

There is numerous amount of ways in which you can dispose the waste from you garden. The best two amongst all, that is: decomposition and skip hire still remains on the top of the list. Getting the waste disposed in right way is a big challenge we all face regularly. You can always opt for either decompose the garden waste or a cheap skip hire.

Some things, like grass cuttings and soft young weeds, rot quickly. Working as ‘activators’, they help getting the composting started. For best results, you can always use a mixture of types of ingredient. The right balance is something you learn by experience, but the infographics can surely guide you to things to put in compost.

Skips are extremely important when it comes to having large amount of waste to dispose. Using skip saves you from the utmost hassle of making several is really important that you fill the skip with the right material, like, hedge trimmings, plants and flowers waste, soil etc, which is purely garden waste. There are certain type of materials that must be avoided putting in the skip or compost, which must be looked after.

If you are in need for skip hire, get in touch with us today. DTM Skips is a prominent name in the Essex waste management services industry. We offer a variety of skip sizes that you can choose from; from simple 2-yard skips perfect for small household projects to large 20-yard ones suitable for construction tasks. Call us today for more info on cheap skip hire, different skip sizes and how to pick the right one for your project; get a ‘free’ quote as well to top it off!

how to get rid of garden waste

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