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Litter is Destroying Our Earth – Environmental Issues

Sadly, as we are all aware we have numerous current environmental issues that demand our attention. We need to educate ourselves on these environmental issues, one of which is litter. It is a matter of great urgency that we learn how to better improve the way we live in order to save our future.

Littering The Environment

As humans we have the intelligence to understand the impacts we have on the Earth. Unfortunately, what also comes with being human is the tendency to push things to the back of our minds. To believe everything will be fine in the end. This is not the case with the many global environmental issues that we have. This is because, instead of listening and protecting the Earth we live on, we carry out harmful acts like littering.

Major Environmental Issues Caused By Littering

Littering problems may not seem to be that serious, but they are. In fact, recently a sick whale was shot and killed because the authorities could not save the poor animal. It was later found that the whale had been starving to death due to ingesting over 30 plastic bags.

As we are sure you will all agree, this is very upsetting and disgraceful. It is unacceptable for anyone to contribute to litter in the ocean. No living creature deserves to suffer this way, especially at the hands of our own mistakes.

What Can We Do To Stop Littering

Do not litter, it is that easy. Put your rubbish in the bin. Recycle anything and everything that can be recycled. Use your food bin instead of throwing scraps into the rubbish bin. With this said, many of us who are eco-aware do not litter. So how can we convince the people littering to stop? Sadly, there are no perfect solutions to stop littering, but there are littering laws and legislations that have been put in place to help control the issue.

You can report littering by visiting and putting in your postcode to make your council aware that there is a person littering. If they get caught in the act, one of the consequences of littering is facing a littering fine.

Fines For Littering – Litter is Detroying Our Earth

  • Fixed Fine
  • Minimum Full Penalty
  • Maximum Full Penalty
  • Minimum Discounted Penalty

litter is destroying our earth

Littering Effects On The Environment

The effects of littering can be devastating. On a wider scale it can cause environmental pollution. Imagine how much litter we must produce for there to be such an impact on our Earth. To get a rough idea on the scale of the issue, the litter we produce in the UK is costing us as TAX payers around £1 Billion every year. It’s getting out of hand. Do we really want our TAX money being spent on cleaning up litter, when it can easily be prevented?

Anti Littering

We believe that the impact of littering is an issue that we can all help to prevent from getting worse. DTM Skips are becoming part of the solution rather than the problem by recycling anything possible that gets put into our skips. We also offer waste management services along with our cheap skip hire. We hope you enjoyed this blog post, give us a share on Facebook and help spread litter awareness

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