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Skip Sizes Explained – A Complete Skip Sizes / Dimensions Guide

Our skip sizes guide will help you get unstuck on which out of the seven skip sizes would be the most cost effective to hire.

At DTM Skips we want to save the day with our extensive cheap skip hire prices and knowledge.

We have produced this article as a complete guide for any one hiring a skip.

Our skip sizes explained below are from our variety of skip sizes to hire for every type of project that produces waste.

Whether you are looking for budget skips for a small house clear out, you want to know 4 yard skip dimensions, or a big skip for a full building renovation, we have got you covered.

Skip Sizes Guide to Hiring The Right Size Skip


2 Cubic Yard Skip Sizes

First up in our skip sizes guide is the smallest skip to hire, standing at a tiny two cubic yards.

This handy little 2 yard skip hire size holds up to 6.5 wheelie bins worth of waste.

Perfect for the smaller projects and for those with a limited amount of storage space for the skip to be put.

Tucked nicely on the driveway or perfectly parked outside a house, this size of skip is the best option for quick garden clean ups and home clear outs.

In need of a few tips on how to spring clean your garden ?

3 Cubic Yard Skip Size

Next in line are our 3 yard skips. Slightly larger than its younger brother, it can carry around 9.5 wheelie bins worth of waste.

This 3 yard skip size is better suited for those who have a larger area to park the skip while in the cleaning process.

With this said, it is still small enough for it to not be a huge obstruction.

Which is always useful if you are using our skip hires for a home project.

4 Cubic Yard Skip Size

In the middle we have the 4 yard skip dimensions usually hired for medium sized projects.

Holding approximately 13 wheelie bins of waste, the 4 yard skip hire has the perfect balance between size and usefulness.

5 Cubic Yard Skip Size

From the 5 yard skip hire size and upwards, we would suggest for building projects and projects needing a skip larger than the standard skip size.

This is the smallest skip size that is used for heavy, bulky items.

6 Cubic Yard Skip Size

For slightly bigger building projects a 6 yard skip would be well suited.

Due to the 6 yard skip dimensions it can store around 19 wheelie bins full of waste.

8 Cubic Yard Skip Size

The 8 yard skip size is designed for large building projects that will be needing to put weighted soil and objects into the skip.

They hold a whopping 26 wheelie bins of waste and are strong, sturdy and practical for larger projects.

10 Cubic Yard Skip Size

Finally in our skip sizes guide, we have the largest of our collection – our 10 yard skip hire.

The vast volume that the 10 yard skip dimensions of waste can hold is immense.

At nearing around 32.5 wheelie bins of waste, this skip size is a waste storing monster.

Skip Sizes Explained

Here at DTM Skips we have a large range of different size skips for you to choose from.

If you would benefit from speaking to our customer service team don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01277 636046 for a free quote.

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