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Smart Christmas Recycling: 5 Useful Tips to Help you Do the Right Thing

In this post we are going to be discussing smart christmas recycling. Christmas is a time of celebrating, with a high content of rubbish being chucked, but the question is, do we really know what we should and shouldn’t recycle? It appears there has been a bit of confusion in what can be recycled and while we had the environments best intentions at heart, it is important to be smart when you recycle. Christmas is also a good time of year to not only get it right but a good opportunity to have the children get involved. Creating games and activities to encourage recycling for kids is one way to get the boring stuff done quicker.

Recycling Wrapping Paper

I am fairly certain that the majority of us have assumed that all wrapping paper is recyclable. However, it turns out we are wrong. All foil wrapping, along with the majority of shiny wrapping paper is not recyclable and the same rule applies to shiny bows and ribbons with wire mesh.

Recycling Disposable Tableware

Disposable paper and cardboard tableware, such as plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths are sadly not recyclable if they are soiled from food, however they can always be put in a compost heap. When it comes to recycling plastic cups, plates and cutlery, it is dependant on your local recycling guidelines on whether these are accepted.

Smart Christmas Recycling – Don’t Bin the Box

Whether it is present boxes and bags, or boxes from recent online deliveries you have received, it is important not to bin them. You can recycle cardboard boxes (and if you break them apart, they won’t take up too much space in the recycling bin), while present bags and boxes can be reused in future or used for storage in your home.

Problematic Plastic Bags

While we have always put unwanted plastic bags straight into the recycling bin, it appears that they are more trouble than they are worth and we are being encouraged to bin them. Plastic bags and any items of a similar material have a bad habit of clogging up the recycling system, which can take around an hour to get back into running order. However, if you are still desperate to find another way to get rid of these bags that doesn’t include throwing them in the bin, then many shops such as grocery and charity stores are more than happy to reuse them.

Facts About the Recycling Symbol

Most people think that the three-arrow triangle symbol on a product means that the product is recyclable. This is incorrect. Our post Recycling symbols explained dives deeper into the different types of symbols. The triangle is really a resin code and different types of plastics have different recycling codes. Depending on your local recycling rule, depends on what plastic they accept in their recycling. In most areas, number one and two plastics can be recycled, but apart from those two, you will need to check what plastics can be recycled in your area.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to smart Christmas recycling, is recycling toys that are still attached to metal, wires or contain batteries. Which means that these items cannot be recycled. If you have the time, it is recommended that you take the toy apart and recycle the recyclable parts. If you don’t have the time but the toy still works, then donate it to a charity shop.

Recycling Symbol

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